Data Back-up Policy

Data Back-up Policy

Trade Interchange ARCUS® Platform

All application and customer data is backed-up by Rackspace, Trade Interchange’s Hosting partner. 

VMware Hypervisors

The two Hypervisors are backed up on 2 weeks retention, onsite. They are scheduled for Weekly full back up and daily differential (daily backup of all files that have changed since the last full backup).

SAN Attached Storage

Production databases containing customer data are presented to both Hypervisors from network storage to allow failover redundancy. This data is backed up on 4 weeks retention, onsite. They are scheduled for Weekly full back up and daily differential (daily backup of all files that have changed since the last full backup).

This data is also log shipped to a second datacentre using a secure encrypted VPN connection. This offers additional offsite backup protection as well as a disaster recovery platform in the event that the primary datacentre is unavailable.

Rackspace Backup Policy

The standard Rackspace Managed Backup (MBU) offering is a shared backup infrastructure designed to provide data storage and protection at a reasonable price.

Servers are backed up to our centralised Managed Backup Storage System. The backup process is structured to meet our customer’s business needs and requests. The default schedule is performed Weekly Full and Daily Differential with retention rates of two or four weeks. (Default 2 weeks) Incremental backups are available upon request. Rackspace will work with you to help define a solution that will meet their business needs/demands.

Servers are backed up to our centralized Managed Backup Storage System.

Managed Backup utilizes an independent private network for all backups running on an all Cisco equipment switched network. This was done to minimize Network Security concerns with the following results:

• Each server is in a port level VLAN.

• Each customer’s server can only see the backup servers and no other servers on the network, including their own.

• No one customer can see any other customer’s server on another port level VLAN.

The Managed Backup media libraries are housed within Rackspace’s data centres and are subject to the same physical and environmental controls. Media is shipped and stored in locked, water, fire and impact resistant containers. Tapes and disks can only be removed by authorized data centre personnel. Any unauthorized attempt to remove tapes or disks will trigger an alert. The only identifier applied to backup tapes is a machine readable barcode. The index stored in the backup architecture is required in order to identify the backup devices relating to an individual backup and extract the data. Customers’ servers are logically segmented, through the use of a dedicated VLAN on the network for communication to the backup servers. This is an all switched network with host-to-host communication based upon two-stage filtering, specifically the use of customer specific VLAN and Layer 2 Access Control Lists/VACLs.)

Onsite backups are not encrypted by Rackspace. However, should the customer require backups to be encrypted, the customer can encrypt data within the scope of the backup before the scheduled run.

All onsite managed backup media is housed within Rackspace Data Centres and therefore subject to the same tight physical and environmental security controls. All backups are logged and access monitored in line with our Business Security Management System procedures. All of which are verified through spot checks and audits carried out by the Rackspace Security and Governance teams and externally verified during our compliance assessments.

Rackspace will manage and monitor backups and will notify the customer of any failures as they occur. Rackspace will backup data according to customer specifications; this could be specific files and folders or the entire system. Rackspace will then restore the data requested for restoration via the ticketing system. Rackspace is not responsible for managing the application re-configuration that may be required after restore.

Backup tapes are never returned to customers, they always remain within Rackspace’s control. All Rackspace backup tapes are destroyed at end of life. Rackspace does not operate a wiping/buy-back service for end of life media due to security concerns. Backup tape destruction is performed in house or by a third party contractor and a certificate of destruction by barcode for all media is sent to us after destruction has occurred.

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