ARCUS® SIM users are prepared for Modern Slavery Act requirements


March 30, 2016

ARCUS® SIM users are prepared for Modern Slavery Act requirements

With the Modern Slavery Act coming into force in just a few days, it has been great to see how many of Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® Supplier Information Management (SIM) clients have been using the module effectively to gather the relevant information and demonstrate they have processes in place to comply with the act’s requirements.

“ARCUS® SIM has provided us with a way to quickly find out if all of our suppliers are compliant whenever new legislation is released,” says Harvey Marston, Head of Procurement at Four Seasons Healthcare. “The process is so easy – we add new questions, then ask suppliers to update their own records and we manage their responses from our central dashboard.  What would be an administrative nightmare becomes a straightforward exercise and gives us the confidence that we have a ready-made solution in place anytime something new lands on our plate, such as the recent requirements outlined in The Modern Slavery Act.”

The act, which comes into force on April 1st 2016, requires organisations with a turnover of more than £36m to demonstrate and report on the measures they have in place to ensure modern slavery is not taking place in their business or supply chains.

The nature of ARCUS® SIM, and the fact it requires suppliers to upload and manage their own information means that users of the module have a real advantage when changes in legislation come into effect, like with the Modern Slavery Act.

Users are able to add in a few extra questions to their existing supplier questionnaires which alert suppliers to log in and complete the additional information. The whole process is managed centrally via the dashboard and requires minimal effort from all parties. Everything is fully audited, showing that best practice and due diligence is in place.

Stewart Maranello, Purchasing Systems and Data Controller, The Restaurant Group, said: “We recently used our ARCUS® SIM to gather additional information from our suppliers in line with The Modern Slavery Act’s reporting requirements around supply chain transparency.

“Updating the information was easy, and supplier uptake was immediate, within one hour 10% of our clients had updated their information and after 24 hours this had shot up to 24%. Within a few days, that figure significantly increased, and the few suppliers that needed a little extra encouragement were easily managed via the central dashboard.

“ARCUS® SIM has taken the strain out of managing The Modern Slavery Act’s reporting requirements.”

Our short video demonstrates how ARCUS® SIM can help manage supplier-related risks and ensure best practice processes are in place to manage compliance and supplier regulations.

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