Trade Interchange’s New Server Migration Is Set To Improve ARCUS® User Experience


July 27, 2015

Trade Interchange’s New Server Migration Is Set To Improve ARCUS® User Experience

Trade Interchange has completed the migration of its hosted server systems to a new high availability virtualised server platform, with its hosting partner Rackspace®.

Using this new platform, customers can be confident that the ARCUS® platform leverages the latest technology to mitigate failures at a network, hardware and application level.

Mike Edmunds, Technical Director at Trade Interchange, said: “Our primary datacentre hosts servers which are split across multiple hypervisors, which provide effective redundancy at all levels, in the unfortunate event of a hardware failure.

“Geographic redundancy is achieved by securely transmitting customer data to a secondary datacentre, in near real-time. Here, an additional set of servers will be utilised if a major disaster renders the primary site inoperable, vastly improving the recovery time in the event of a major incident.”

Not only does this technology offer effective business continuity, but also gives Trade Interchange the ability to scale out the server infrastructure as demand requires it.

Additionally, Trade Interchange is now able to ‘hot-add’ computer resources with zero platform downtime and, as well as this, servers can be maintained with no impact to ARCUS® availability.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with the latest news around the ARCUS® software, or have any questions surrounding it, join our LinkedIn user group – ARCUS® Platform Forum by clicking here, alternatively call direct on 01642 601820.

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