Posted: 12/06/24

The Trade Interchange Walking Challenge 2024

In April, we ran our annual Walking Challenge! A chance for employees to boost their step count for the month.

Walking Challenge

Those who took part were divided into teams and challenged to complete as many steps as possible throughout the entire month, and whichever team had the highest number of steps collectively were the winners of the challenge!

The aim of the challenge is to provide the opportunity and motivation for employees to see the benefits of implementing walking into their daily routines.

This year, our highest scoring team totalled a whopping 1,115,855 steps. A big well done to Mark Handley, Marc Brackenbury, James Edmunds and Liam Innes for their impressive total, an improvement from last years winner total at 985,917 steps.

Our second-place total was an impressive 945,338 steps with the third-place total reaching 902,706.

The Walking Challenge was developed as part of our drive to improve employee wellness by completing the Better Health at Work Award, for our 2023 efforts, we became a Better Health at Work certified organisation at bronze-level. In 2024, we are working towards our silver-level award.

The Better Health at Work Award is a certification scheme for organisations based in Northeast England, that provides a framework for companies to improve their employee wellbeing at work.

To learn more about our wellness activities, you can view our article here.