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ARCUS® SIM: Supplier Information Management software

A scalable solution that will reduce the risk to your brand and save you money

What is Supplier Information Management?

ARCUS® SIM (Supplier Information Management) is a central supply chain management solution that provides a 360° view of supplier information. Suppliers on-board themselves, completing tailored questionnaires, to collect what your business needs to know about your suppliers. This helps you to reduce risk, ensures compliance, and helps with supplier discovery and selection. The system provides a full audit trail, giving evidence of best practice and ensuring procedures are in place to protect your brand and reputation.

In recent years, Trade Interchange has become increasingly more present in the foodservice and hospitality and food and drink manufacturing sectors.

This is because many food and drink businesses have supply chains, which can often be international, and efficient Supplier Information Management software can help operators collect, manage and approve vast amounts of data and documents to comply with legislative and business requirements.

ARCUS® SIM software is proven to help mitigate the risks associated with the food and drink sector through the use of industry-specific plug-ins. These risks include:

• Allergens

• Modern slavery

• Antibiotic usage

• Sustainability

To find out more about the plug-ins and how ARCUS® SIM is helping businesses in the food and drink industry manage and reduce risk, take a look at our resource library here.

The ARCUS® SIM module can be up and running in as little as 12 weeks. We have experience in implementing SIM in many industry sectors, including foodservice and hospitality, facilities management, construction, and healthcare.

Using our tried and tested implementation plan, we can support and guide you every step of the way, and you will receive the following benefits:

• Minimise supplier risk
• Centralised cloud-based source of supplier information
• Real-time access to up to date supplier information
• Gateway for all your suppliers
• Streamlined and audited processes

You can download the ARCUS® SIM Factsheet to find out everything you need to know.

ARCUS® SIM features innovative plug-in functionality specifically developed for the food and drink industry.

These plug-ins can be easily added to the ARCUS® SIM dashboard, and enable users to gather deeper levels of supplier information at a manufacturing site, product and audit level.

1. Product Information Management

Allows users to collect detailed information about supplier products, such as nutrition, allergens and packaging, while providing a shared vision over processes for different teams.

Click here to read the factsheet

2. Manufacturing Site Level

Users request and collate information about each of their suppliers’ sites to create a streamlined process for approving them. This enables quality and technical teams to efficiently execute a quality management system.

Click here to read the factsheet

3. Supplier Audit

Creates an efficient process for recording, managing and scheduling audits against a supplier. This provides quality and technical professionals with complete insight into the supply base. 

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Watch this short video to see what the ARCUS® module looks like in use for the food and drink industry:

SIM Plug-ins for the Food & Drink Sector...

"ARCUS® SIM enables us to check every supplier with ease and manage the relevant data through automation and streamlined processes, and we are looking forward to working with Trade Interchange to maximise the benefits of the software now and in the future."
Alyson Scott, TGI Fridays
Procurement Supply Chain Director

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