SPM: Supplier Performance Management software set against corporate KPIs and SLAs

ARCUS® Supplier Performance Management allows users to effectively evaluate large volumes of suppliers while identifying and tracking risk and non-compliance using specially configured online scorecards.

What is Supplier Performance Management?

ARCUS® SPM removes the administrative burden of the scoring process so that buyers and other key stakeholders can evaluate the performance of their suppliers based upon company KPIs and SLAs, such as Health and Safety and Quality.

The scores obtained improve the visibility over the performance of each supplier, provide evidence in supplier negotiations, and enable more informed sourcing decisions.

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Benefits of using Supplier Performance Management

  • Easily measure the performance of large volumes of suppliers
  • Can be used with the entire supplier base or focussed on specific groups of suppliers
  • Easily report on key metrics and identify supplier performance issues via a central dashboard
  • Ability to align supplier performance with business strategy
  • Allows procurement teams to connect with other end users and stakeholders
  • Simple and easy to use, with minimal training required

Features of ARCUS® SPM

  • Easily configured scorecards that can be set up by the user and scheduled over a pre-defined period of time
  • Configurable KPI categories that match business requirements
  • Automated email notifications and sophisticated scheduling features streamline the entire process of gathering supplier performance information
  • Workflows that are created to manage the tasks around scorecard creation and review processes
  • Central dashboard which gives a clear overview of the status of scorecards and a graphical view of supplier performance
  • Mobile and tablet friendly scorecards accessible without login encourages scorers to complete
  • Data can be easily imported into other business tools such as QlikView and Excel

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