ARCUS® PIM Factsheet

ARCUS® PIM Factsheet

ARCUS® PIM is an innovative module within ARCUS® Product that automates the process for collecting detailed information about supplier products, while providing a shared view and process for all departments.

ARCUS® PIM allows users to collect vital data such as nutrition, allergen and packaging information directly from their suppliers, including supporting documentation and policies to ensure they comply with business requirements and legislation. Suppliers enter the product information directly, totally removing the need to re-key the information at any stage, saving time and reducing potential errors.

ARCUS® PIM utilises ARCUS® Connect, which has been designed to integrate systems into one streamlined process including ERP and recipe management systems. For example, the integration with Fourth’s Recipe & Menu Engineering solution enables the transfer of critical allergen, nutrition, packaging and pricing information automatically, without the need for re-keying.

If you would like to find out more about ARCUS® PIM,  you can download the factsheet below:

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