Bakkavor: ARCUS® eRFX and ARCUS® eAuc

Bakkavor: ARCUS® eRFX and ARCUS® eAUC

The ARCUS® eRFX and ARCUS® eAUC modules have enabled Bakkavor to achieve extensive efficiency savings.


The Challenge

Managing a wide a variety of suppliers had led to inefficiencies and a failure to achieve any significant economies of scale.

Bakkavor wanted to consolidate and streamline the supplier base.

To address this quickly required a complex retendering process involving an extensive list of over 165 items.

The Solution

ARCUS® eRFX was used to gather detailed and comparable data from large volumes of suppliers.

This identified which supplier could provide which components and provide details of prices and availability.

Trade Interchange then used ARCUS® eAUC to help Bakkavor deliver a series of weighted eAuctions.

The Result

The combined process ensured consistent and comparable data, enabling Bakkavor to make more informed and accurate supplier decisions.

Bakkavor was able to consolidate its supplier base and deliver extensive efficiency savings through reduced administration costs, improved delivery terms and greater economies of scale.

Cost savings in excess of £25k were achieved.

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