Case Study: Industrial Supply

Case Study: Industrial Supply

ARCUS® eRFX and eAUC modules enable a major supplier to industrial and domestic building trades to achieve significant savings.


The Challenge:

A major supplier of industrial and domestic building trades, hiring over 5000 employees, needed to keep its house in order.

This included the essential upkeep of its network of 450 or so depots across the UK and Ireland.

The organisation was keen on reviewing and renegotiating the contract to maintain and repair essential elements through every depot.

The Solution:

Fully managed ARCUS® eRFX and eAUC events were set up by Trade Interchange’s eSourcing experts.

A total of 12 suppliers took part in the eRFX that acted as a pre-qualification prior to running the eAuction.

A full report was produced once the auction was finished.

The Result:

The lowest price bid in the ARCUS® eAuction was 32% below the existing contract price.

A good selection of alternative providers was uncovered, with their information stored in an easy to analyse way thanks to ARCUS® eRFX.

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