Case Study: Ongoing savings for growing major retailer

Case Study: Ongoing savings for growing major retailer

ARCUS® eRFX and eAUC provide ongoing savings for a growing major retailer.

The Challenge:

The rapid expansion of a major nationwide retailer prompted a review of its contracts for national cleaning services.

Although usually overlooked by general public, getting the cleaning of retail units wrong could prove disastrous and costly.

The Solution:

Trade Interchange set up and managed an ARCUS® eRFX followed by an ARCUS® eAUC.

The ARCUS® eRFX process ran for 14 days and was completed by 19 cleaning contractors.

15 successfully qualified contractors took part in the auction with their eRFX-stage quotes as their initial bids.

The Result:

The company achieved cost savings in excess of £100,000 in Year 1.

Time savings were achieved, thanks to the use of the online tools which enabled a comprehensive review and negotiation to be completed within 5 weeks.

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