Macmillan: eSourcing Case Study

Macmillan: eSourcing Case Study

Macmillan began working with Trade Interchange in 2012, tackling the on boarding of suppliers and the ongoing management of supplier information by implementing Trade Interchange’s Supplier Information Management Module – part of the ARCUS® Supplier Management Platform.

More recently Macmillan has integrated Trade Interchange’s eRFX and eAuction modules into their Supplier Management Suite to help give a more consistent and strategic approach to its procurement processes.


The Challenge

Lack of Visibility – Macmillan’s procurement approach was more operational than strategic with people across the organisation adopting different methods to track sourcing projects (emails, basic spreadsheets etc.)

Scepticism – There was concern from parts of the organisation that eSourcing wasn’t appropriate for purchasing relatively sophisticated services.


Internal Support – Macmillan’s Global Head of Production Operations is a key sponsor and Charlie Thelu, Head of Strategic Sourcing, is the project manager and ‘Subject Matter Expert’ within Macmillan helping to drive the project and sell the concept internally.

User-Friendly System – Intuitive software that requires little training helped get the project off the ground quickly.

Early success – stakeholders were able to quickly realise the benefits of the modules, helping to give the implementation greater momentum.

The Results

eRFX has been rolled out to procure a wide range of goods and services, including significant and complex projects.

Trials to use the eSourcing modules across international offices including Hong Kong and the US.

A more strategic approach to procurement through clever reporting and analysis tools has resulted in significant procurement savings.

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