Trade Interchange’s new research into the foodservice sector is released

Trade Interchange's new research into the foodservice sector is released

Trade Interchange wanted to understand the risks associated with poor supplier information and contract management within the foodservice sector.

The research, conducted by Caterlyst on behalf of Trade Interchange, focused on key research areas, including:

• The current foodservice contract management landscape
• The nature and range of information needed from suppliers
• Operators’ potential exposure to non-compliance with legislation
• Systems to retain, update and access important product and supplier information

Caterlyst surveyed senior executives in purchasing, commercial and operational positions at foodservice and hospitality companies who, between them, operate over 8,800 UK sites.

‘Mind the gap: is your brand’s reputation at risk?’ shows that effective management of product information is prioritised by operators over supplier information. This gap in supplier information management could potentially open up exposure to risks and non-compliance with legislation.

You can contact us to find out more, or you can download the file below.


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