New Research into Supplier Management in FM sector

New Research into Supplier Management in FM sector

Trade Interchange wanted to understand how the facilities management sector manages information on its supplier base. The research, conducted by Magenta Associates, addressed five key areas:


• Suppliers and managing information
• Information gathered
• Access and reporting
• Issues and challenges
• Plans and perceptions


Magenta targeted the top fifty facilities management providers in the UK and conducted telephone interviews with twenty of these early in 2014.

The findings have been compiled into our new research report titled ‘Supplier Information Management in the FM sector’ and show that two-thirds of facilities management companies lack comprehensive information on their suppliers, putting them at operational and reputational risk.

Trade Interchange believes that this research shows that FM companies fully recognise the significance of good supplier data but the major issue faced by the majority is that they are running manual, inefficient, labour intensive processes or trying to use ERP or FM maintenance systems, not designed specifically for supplier information gathering, to do something they are not suited to.

FM providers will need to demonstrate to their clients that they have the information needed to ensure suppliers can meet the standards expected of them, reducing the risk of under-performance or failure. Real-time access to that information on a need-to-know basis is a critical factor.

You can contact us to find out more, or you can download the research paper below.



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