Posted: 19/10/23

Five Ways You Can Source an Ethical Supply Chain

Consumers are becoming more socially aware, and legislations are gradually tightening. This means that organisations have more accountability than ever before for the actions of their suppliers. It’s incredibly important for businesses to ensure that they are conducting supplier due diligence to source an ethical supply chain. Otherwise, they are posing risks to brand reputation. Not to mention the potential for significant negative impact. 


Ethical Supply Chain

How can you source an ethical supply chain? 

Ensuring that no unsavoury activities are taking place throughout your supply chain is no simple task. Especially if you lack the required level of transparency and visibility with your suppliers. Additionally, if data quality is poor, due to an inefficient onboarding process, then organisations may be at risk of working with suppliers who are not compliant. 

According to Forrester’s Environmental Sustainability Procurement Technology Landscape Q3 2023 Overview Summary: 

“You can use environmental sustainability procurement technology to get visibility into your supply chain’s carbon footprint; lower CO2 emissions, support regulations and report on progress…” 

This guide details five steps you can take to improve your supplier management processes, and build a compliant supply chain. This includes the use of technology and a robust source-to-contract process using ARCUS®

If you would like to learn more, we were recently listed in Forrester’s Environmental Sustainability Procurement Technology Landscape Q3 2023 Overview, among other notable vendors.

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