The ARCUS® Supplier Contract Management (SCM) module is part of the ARCUS® Supply family.

It allows businesses to centralise contract data, standardise processes and automate tasks to improve the efficiency of managing, approving and renewing contracts.

About Supplier Contract Management

ARCUS® SCM increases the efficiency of and reduces the management involved in manually managing the contract creation and approval process. All business processes are electronically mapped and fully configurable workflows streamline the approval process.

ARCUS® SCM increases contract visibility and compliance while providing more time for professionals to proactively manage contract lifecycles. Task Intelligence functionality enables complex contract approval processes to be electronically mapped using bi-directional, fully auditable workflows. This helps SCM to seamlessly digitise current or desired business practices, including delegation of authority.

What are the benefits?

  • Powerful data visualisation when used with ARCUS® Analytics
  • Task Intelligence functionality maps complex approval processes
  • Alerts and reminders set against key terms including milestones, tasks, renewal dates and events
  • Approval process is mapped electronically and fully auditable
  • Increased compliance with commercially critical terms
  • Improve contract risk management
  • Track changes to original documentation for audit trail purposes
  • Free text search, reducing the time spent searching for contracts
  • Real-time access to up-to-date contract information
  • Single source of contract information which can be shared across the organisation
  • Central repository of all agreements and supporting documentation

ARCUS® SCM video


Task Intelligence workflows with automated alerts and reminders
Complete visibility of contract statuses through the central dashboard
Integration with internal systems and DocuSign
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"The software is so easy to use and the workflows with the built-in alerts make it easy to ensure everything is kept up-to-date; it has been a real game changer to our procurement department."

Rob Beale, Purchasing Director, The Restaurant Group

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Case Study

Barchester Healthcare Carousel

Barchester Healthcare uses ARCUS® SCM to provide a central database for contracts. This removes duplicate and hard copies of contracts, ensuring one version of the truth exists. Barchester Healthcare utilises the configurable contract template facility to enable contracts to be electronically created for suppliers to complete and upload directly into the database for approval.

Barchester Healthcare deploys workflows that allow either the entirety or parts of a contract to be entered and reviewed by the appropriate professional without the need to manually seek each person’s approval.

The Bi-directional workflows enable a contract to be reviewed by multiple stakeholders or by a single professional depending on the business needs and contract type. This improves the efficiency of contract approvals, removes bottlenecks and frustrations, while providing complete oversight of the process and prevents data silos.