Supplier scorecards made easy with ARCUS® Supplier Performance Management (SPM).

ARCUS® SPM allows you to track and evaluate suppliers’ performance against the SLAs and KPIs which matter most to your company. This helps to identify risk and non-compliance while maximising supplier value, using an advanced scorecard.

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About Supplier Performance Management

ARCUS® SPM removes the administrative burden of the scoring process so that buyers and other key stakeholders can evaluate the performance of their suppliers based upon company KPIs and SLAs, such as Health and Safety, Performance, Attitude, Professionalism and Quality.

The scores given improve the visibility over the performance of each supplier, provide evidence in supplier negotiations, and enable more informed sourcing decisions.

Gain the oversight you need, and enhance your supplier performance management with our advanced scorecard. 

What are the benefits?

  • Powerful data visualisation when used with ARCUS® Analytics
  • Measure supplier performance against customisable key metrics
  • Easily identify supplier risk
  • Manage the performance of large volumes of suppliers
  • Remote access for key stakeholders
  • Multiple types of scorecards supported
  • Data is exportable to other business tools

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Integrated workflows with automated alerts and reminders
Configurable and easy to use scorecards
Reporting and data integration
Whitbread Carousel

“ARCUS® SPM allows us to comprehensively manage and evaluate supplier performance across our departments, based on the KPIs and SLAs which matter to us the most, meaning we can consistently evaluate suppliers and track any changes in their performance."

Dan Urwin, Head of Procurement – Performance / Corp Services / Utilities / IT, Whitbread

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Case Study

Whitbread Carousel

Whitbread PLC is the UK’s largest hospitality company, owning Premier Inn as well as Beefeater, Brewers Fayre, Table Table and Bar+Block.

It is essential for Whitbread’s procurement team to be able to efficiently collect data and evaluate supplier performance in a robust, yet streamlined manner.

Whitbread uses ARCUS® Supplier Performance Management (SPM) to provide a clear overview of supplier performance against their preferred SLAs and KPIs.