Hosted in the cloud, ARCUS® delivers supply base confidence through a streamlined solution

Our solutions support a range of sourcing, supplier management and product management activities. Using the streamlined solution, our customers can manage entire strategic sourcing projects from initial tenders through to eAuctions, manage supplier information, contracts and performance, as well as collect detailed product specifications and centralise new product development processes.

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Our Resources

We have produced a range of resources which provide best practice and insight for professionals responsible for managing their supply base or those who manage the solutions to deliver these.

Our practical guides and reports cover areas such as spend control, strategic sourcing, supplier relationship management and product management.

We have produced a range of research-based white papers and thought leadership guides addressing some of the main concerns and potential future applications related to supply base management.

Our guides address common concerns across these sectors, including allergens, modern slavery and sustainability.


Case Studies

Find out how we help businesses of all sizes around the globe manage the risks in their supply base across all business functions.