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Companies in the utilities sector, which includes, but is not limited to, power, water services and natural gas, often have difficulty managing compliance in their supply chain effectively. The utility supply chain is often long, complex and can include a large number of suppliers, meaning that managing it efficiently can be a time-consuming and laborious process. The importance of the services provided across the utilities sector means that these companies need to have a strong focus on efficiency, compliance and providing a safe, quality service. Trade Interchange’s Supplier Management Software enables professionals in the utilities sector to operate within these parameters, while reducing the amount of administration, including paperwork, telephone calls and emails to suppliers.


  • Automate supplier on-boarding
  • Manage supplier risk
  • Central repository for supplier information
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Automated supplier scoring
  • Bi-directional approval workflows

Streamline Supplier Management in Utilities

ARCUS® Supplier Management Software, hosted in the cloud by Trade Interchange, has been proven to work in the utilities sector, and delivers supply base confidence for the likes of Drax Power through a streamlined solution.

Providing a complete end-to-end supplier management solution for the utilities sector, the ARCUS® platform includes eight individual modules that can be implemented standalone, in any combination or in any order that can be categorised into three separate families; ARCUS® Source, ARCUS® Supply and ARCUS® Product.

The ARCUS® Source family includes three modules that enable procurement professionals within the utilities sector to streamline their entire sourcing process. From tendering, running competitive eAuctions to managing sourcing projects, ARCUS® Source modules ensure that sourcing projects are run efficiently from a central location, cost savings are maximised, and procurement processes are standardised. You can find out more about ARCUS® eRFX, ARCUS® eAUC and ARCUS® SSM below.

The three modules in ARCUS® Supply enable cross-departmental collaboration in utility companies across a number of critical supplier management activities, including on-boarding suppliers, managing contracts and evaluating supplier performance. Tailored questionnaires ensure that utility companies are collecting the data they require, and the fact that suppliers directly enter their own information removes the need to re-key any of this information, increasing data accuracy. These modules provide a central repository for essential supplier information, and allows for enhanced collaboration between the procurement, quality, technical and supply chain departments. To find out more about ARCUS® SIM, ARCUS® SCM and ARCUS® SPM you can scroll further down the page to find out more.

The ARCUS® Product family comprises of two modules that allow users in the utilities industry to efficiently collect, maintain and manage critical product information, as well as streamlining the product innovation process for all relevant stakeholders. Custom workflows enable users to easily validate and approve vital product specifications for utility businesses, and the fact that suppliers have directly entered this information enhances confidence in data accuracy. This information is then shared effortlessly between departments, and a central database for product specifications and new product development workflows can now be accessed at any time. Additional information about ARCUS® PIM and ARCUS® NPD can be found below.


ARCUS® SSM allows procurement professionals in the utility sector to streamline strategic sourcing management through a cloud-based solution.


Procurement professionals in the utilities sector can streamline and improve the online tendering process through intuitive sourcing software.


Procurement professionals in the utility sector can streamline and improve online auction processes with intuitive eAuction software.


Collect, store and manage all supplier data needed by procurement professionals in the utility sector through a streamlined solution.


Efficiently centralise, manage and approve all supplier contract data required by procurement professionals in utilities.


Track and evaluate supplier performance against the KPIs that matter the most to procurement professionals in utilities.


Utilty procurement professionals can automate supplier product information collection using a cloud-based solution.

New Product Development Software

Procurement professionals in utilities can streamline new product development processes with cloud-based software.

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Drax Carousel

"Thanks to ARCUS® eAUC, our procurement team has adopted reverse eAuctions across a range of categories. By incorporating eAuctions as part of our category management toolkit, this has resulted in Drax realising cost savings over and above traditional procurement methods, while reducing the time we spend negotiating with suppliers. The eAuction tool from Trade Interchange is a low-cost solution to leverage spend across common categories of spend across Drax.”

Matthew Walker MCIPS, Supplier Relationship Manager – Turbines & Major Projects, Drax Power

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Case Study

Drax Carousel

Drax Power, who runs Europe’s biggest biomass-fuelled power station, used to manage their supplier service and product auctions using a combination of spreadsheets and paper-based systems.

This meant that auctions were not configured in a standardised format and information was difficult to locate, leading to inefficiencies within the procurement department.

They now run eAuction events using ARCUS® eAUC, a cloud-based module that encourages competitive online negotiations, leading to reduced procurement costs and improved visibility throughout the negotiation process.

Thanks to the cloud-based nature of ARCUS® eAUC, Drax Power now has the capacity to negotiate with more suppliers on a global scale and on a real-time basis.