The ARCUS® Supplier Information Management (SIM) module is part of the ARCUS® Supply family.

ARCUS® SIM is a central platform for collecting, storing and managing supplier data, enabling greater confidence in supplier approvals which will help reduce the risk to brand and ensure supplier compliance.

About Supplier Information Management

ARCUS® SIM allows all supplier information to be gathered and stored in a cloud-based system, with automated reminders that automatically chase suppliers for incomplete or out of date information. Key documents are scanned by artificial intelligence at the point of upload, delivering confidence in the supply chain.

ARCUS® SIM is a central supplier database that allows quality and technical professionals to collect all information they need to know about their suppliers, including allergen, antibiotics, sustainability, halal, kosher, modern slavery accreditation and policies, delivering insights to allow quality and technical professionals to work more efficiently.

What are the benefits?

  • Supplier self on-boarding
  • No re-keying of information, ability to request large volumes of information
  • Ensure supplier compliance with government legislation, industry standards and company requirements
  • Full audit trail of actions evidencing risk mitigation
  • Helps to protect brand reputation and value
  • 360° view of supplier information
  • Real-time access to up to date supplier information
  • Central repository for all collaborations and interactions between departments
  • Implementation in as little as 12 weeks

ARCUS® SIM Introduction from Trade Interchange


Configurable bi-directional workflows reduce supplier approval time
Granular level of control over supplier and site information
Artificial intelligence scans suppliers’ key documents at the point of upload
Fridays Carousel

"It is essential that the teams have instant access to information in order to perform their duties with confidence. The reassurance of knowing all the information has been entered directly by the suppliers without any re-keying errors is invaluable."

Alyson Scott, Procurement, Supply Chain & Technical Director, Fridays

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Case Study

AAK (carousel)

AAK is one of the world’s largest food oil producers which has grown through expansion and acquisition. AAK use ARCUS® SIM to ensure one process and system is used to collect and manage supplier information of the sites geographical location and historical approach.

As a producer of some of the most highly regulated products in the food industry, and as a supplier of products direct into food retailers, AAK is subject to high numbers of audits from customers and the ability to access all supplier and site information without delay is essential in providing customers with a high level of confidence in AAK capabilities and procedures.

ARCUS® SIM provides an audit trail of all information and reviews within the system demonstrating that AAK imposes and enforces the highest standards of ethical and quality standards from its suppliers.

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