Automate your supplier product information management using a cloud-based solution.

The ARCUS® Product Information Management (PIM) module allows you to automate supplier product information collection, reducing supply chain risk and ensuring compliance thanks to the module’s custom product questionnaires and workflows.

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About Product Information Management

ARCUS® PIM provides a central product database that allows you to collect, approve and manage large volumes of product data and specifications.

Product questionnaires are tailored to your company’s requirements, so suppliers can directly enter vital product information such as allergens, ingredients, nutritional data and pricing information. This eases product information management by reducing the risk surrounding rekeying errors. 

ARCUS® PIM integrates with third-party ERP, recipe management and menu production systems commonly used in the food and beverage industry. This eliminates the need to re-key any product specifications entered by suppliers.

What are the benefits?

  • Powerful data visualisation when used with ARCUS® Analytics
  • Reduce risk and ensure compliance
  • Enhanced search and reporting
  • Custom product questionnaires and workflows
  • Products uploaded in batches can be approved one-by-one or in bulk if needed
  • Multi-department collaboration
  • Efficient and auditable process

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Suppliers enter product information directly
Multi-system integration
Removes silos of product information
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"It is essential that the teams have instant access to information in order to perform their duties with confidence. The reassurance of knowing all the information has been entered directly by the suppliers without any re-keying errors is invaluable."

Alyson Scott, Procurement, Supply Chain & Technical Director, Fridays

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Case Study

Brakes Carousel

Brakes are the leading wholesale foodservice supplier in the UK and are the catering and food suppliers of choice for thousands of chefs in the catering industry.

The central category team at Brakes required the implementation of a fully auditable, consistent system to enable product information management to be collected in an automated manner for nominated line requests.

You can read the Brakes PIM case study to see how the solution has enabled the central category team to streamline their product on-boarding process, while enhancing efficiency through the use of configurable bi-directional workflows.