Streamline and improve your online auction process with intuitive eAuction software.

ARCUS® eAUC helps businesses negotiate the best market price for specified products and services without compromising on quality. The module also creates substantial time savings for procurement professionals and increases transparency throughout the whole negotiation process.

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About eAUC

ARCUS® eAUC is a powerful eAuction software module that gives procurement professionals the ability to easily run and manage a wide variety of online auctions, including English Reverse, Dutch, Japanese, Price, Positional and Forward eAuctions.

This enables pre-qualified suppliers to participate in a competitive eAuction that are tailored to meet user requirements, ultimately saving the procurement department time and achieving best market value for supplier products and services.

All eAuction data is stored securely in the cloud, allowing all relevant stakeholders and suppliers to access or upload information at any time.

What are the benefits?

  • Negotiate the best market price
  • Increased supplier participation
  • Substantial time savings
  • Increased market visibility
  • Extensive choice of eAuction functionalities
  • Improved transparency throughout negotiations
  • eSourcing Consultant help available 

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Managed services available
Integration with other ARCUS® modules
Reduce procurement project cycle times
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"Thanks to ARCUS® eAUC, our procurement team has adopted reverse eAuctions across a range of categories. By incorporating eAuctions as part of our category management toolkit, this has resulted in Drax realising cost savings over and above traditional procurement methods, while reducing the time we spend negotiating with suppliers. The eAuction tool from Trade Interchange is a low-cost solution to leverage spend across common categories of spend across Drax.”

Matthew Walker MCIPS, Supplier Relationship Manager – Turbines & Major Projects, Drax Power

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Case Study

Drax Carousel

Drax Power, who runs Europe’s biggest biomass-fuelled power station, used to manage their supplier service and product auctions using a combination of spreadsheets and paper-based systems.

This meant that auctions were not configured in a standardised format and information was difficult to locate, leading to inefficiencies within the procurement department.

They now run eAuction events using ARCUS® eAUC, a cloud-based module that encourages competitive online negotiations, leading to reduced procurement costs and improved visibility throughout the negotiation process.

Thanks to the cloud-based nature of ARCUS® eAUC, Drax Power now has the capacity to negotiate with more suppliers on a global scale and on a real-time basis.