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Food & Beverage

ARCUS® supplier management software has been designed and evolved by working with organisations in the food & beverage sector. This has helped us to address some of the major pain points professionals face across multiple departments, including procurement, sustainability, supply chain and technical.

ARCUS® is used in some of the largest organisations in the world, such as Sodexo, Whitbread, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Costa Coffee and Ei Group. The software can be integrated into internal systems as required. The 360° overview provided by the comprehensive dashboard delivers proven reassurance of reliability and ease of use for C-Suite professionals.


  • Trade Interchange holds an ISO 27001 accredited Information Security Management System. The ARCUS® platform is GDPR compliant.
  • Enables collaboration across multiple departments including procurement, technical, finance, legal and supply chain without incurring any additional charges.
  • Fully audited system demonstrating actions taken to mitigate risk.
  • ARCUS® features automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning reducing manual tasks and freeing up time.
  • Collect information at a company, site and product level ensuring compliance with legislation and company requirements.
  • Protect company brand.

Confidence in supplier management for C-Suite professionals in food & beverage

ARCUS® supplier management software, hosted in the cloud by Trade Interchange, has been proven to work in the food & beverage sector, and delivers supply base confidence for the companies such as Morrisons, Brakes, PizzaExpress, Princes, Fridays, Punch, The Restaurant Group, Vestey Foods and AAK through a streamlined solution.

Information Security

Our ISO 27001 accredited Information Security Management System ensures that all elements relating to Data Security, Availability and Integrity are covered, especially in relation to our customers’ data and the services we provide.

The system is audited by SGS, a UKAS accredited auditor. We have held the ISO 27001 accreditation since 2013. Trade Interchange and our hosting partner both operate within the GDPR framework, and the ARCUS® platform is GDPR compliant.

Licencing Model

Our licence model is for one licence per customer. This enables unlimited numbers of employees to log in and access the system without incurring any additional charges. This authorisation can be extended to third party organisations working on your behalf following approval from the appropriate stakeholder.

The amount of information which can be viewed, edited, and downloaded can be determined by profiles which are created; typically, based on team or job role but profiles can be configured to match a company’s requirements.

We allow the number of concurrent users to 50. This means that 50 people within a company or third-party organisations working on behalf of the company that have been granted user profiles can be logged into the system at the same time.

Suppliers are not included in the concurrent user restrictions; therefore, all suppliers can be logged into the system at the same time without any restrictions.

Auditable Information

All information within the system is auditable, allowing users to confidently demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders, such as auditors, the steps that have been taken when carrying out comprehensive checks on suppliers. This includes any corrective actions that have been taken to mitigate the associated risks.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Reminders can be set against every document uploaded, meaning site-specific expiry dates for certifications will automatically be requested, in addition to company-level information. This ensures that each company and approved site remains compliant and that the relevant departments can take action to manage and maintain information efficiently.

Electronically map your approval process to match best practice or internal purchasing processes with configurable alerts and emails notifying of key terms, milestones, critical task dates and events. Bi-directional and auto-escalation workflows can be configured to reduce the time spent waiting for approvals and to highlight bottlenecks in the system.

Using artificial intelligence, ARCUS® can scan key documents required by organisations in the food and beverage sector as it is uploaded by suppliers, verifying that the right certificate has been submitted and that the dates and values are valid.

Supplier Compliance

Ensure supplier compliance with company policies and government legislation, including modern slavery, sustainability, health and safety, anti-bribery and allergens while proving due diligence throughout the supply chain. Information can be collected at a company, site and product level.

Protect Company Brand

Protect company brand and reputation by assessing suppliers’ financial risk and capabilities. ARCUS® Connect, our native API, allows integration with other solutions, ensuring all information can be automatically shared across systems – eliminating the need to re-key data. Data can be transferred in both directions between your current internal and external systems and ARCUS®. Examples of integrations include NAVEX Global, Recipe & Menu Engineering and ERP systems including SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.

End-to-end solution

The ARCUS® platform includes eight individual modules that can be implemented standalone, in any combination or in any order that can be categorised into three separate families; ARCUS® Supply, ARCUS® Product and ARCUS® Source.

ARCUS® Supply

The ARCUS® Supply family enables collaboration between multiple departments, confirming supplier compliance with government legislation, industry standards and company policies while also helping to manage all supplier and contract information as well as evaluating supplier performance.

ARCUS® Supply manages the lifecycle of all suppliers and the collection and verification of their information and documents, streamlining activities such as supplier on-boarding, contract, rebate, and performance management.

ARCUS® Product

The ARCUS® Product family enables stakeholders to manage and efficiently collect and maintain critical product information.

ARCUS® Product allows suppliers to enter and upload product data enabling users to easily validate and approve products using custom workflows. This information is effortlessly shared between departments and is used as the central database for product specifications and during all stages of new product development.

ARCUS® Source

The ARCUS® Source family gives procurement professionals confidence in supplier selection, negotiation and the management of all their strategic sourcing projects.

ARCUS® Source ensures all goods are sourced from suppliers who have proven they can meet a company’s needs while also achieving the best market value for goods and having a full overview of current and future procurement projects.


The appropriate professionals in your company can collect, store and efficiently manage all vital supplier information required in the food and beverage industry.


Efficiently centralise, manage and approve all supplier contract data required by procurement professionals in the food and beverage industry.


Track and evaluate supplier performance against the KPIs that matter the most to c-suite professionals in the food and beverage industry.


ARCUS® SSM allows c-suite professionals in the food & beverage industry to streamline strategic sourcing management through a cloud-based solution.


C-suite professionals in the food and beverage industry can streamline and improve the online tendering process through intuitive sourcing software.


C-suite professionals in the food and beverage industry can streamline and improve online auction processes with intuitive eAuction software.


C-suite professionals in food and beverage can automate supplier product information collection using a cloud-based solution.


Streamline your new product development process with cloud-based software that allows for multi-department collaboration in food and beverage companies.

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Fridays Carousel

"The main pain points ARCUS® has helped us with is that all of the suppliers can be in one place and every department from our company can log can and check the information that they are after."

Maria Loftus, Senior Technical Manager, Fridays

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Case Study

AAK (carousel)

AAK is one of the world’s largest food oil producers which has grown through expansion and acquisition. AAK use ARCUS® SIM to ensure one process and system is used to collect and manage supplier information of the sites geographical location and historical approach.

As a producer of some of the most highly regulated products in the food industry, and as a supplier of products direct into food retailers, AAK is subject to high numbers of audits from customers and the ability to access all supplier and site information without delay is essential in providing customers with a high level of confidence in AAK capabilities and procedures.

ARCUS® SIM provides an audit trail of all information and reviews within the system demonstrating that AAK imposes and enforces the highest standards of ethical and quality standards from its suppliers.