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Food & Beverage

Companies in the food and beverage sector often have long and complex supply chains, meaning that managing these and ensuring compliance throughout the supply base can be a difficult and time-consuming process. By the very nature of their business, food and beverage companies source ingredients, products and services from across the globe to ensure the best value and quality to customers. This can result in a substantial amount of administration, including paperwork, telephone calls and emails to suppliers to highlight and verify supply chain risks. Some of these compliance risks include allergens, modern slavery, anti-bribery, sustainability, nutrition, veganism, Halal and Kosher, as well as supplier manufacturing site accreditation and insurance.

Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® Supplier Management Software enables innovation professionals within the food and drink sector to collect and verify large amounts of documentation and certifications to ensure that approved suppliers can deliver the services, ingredient or products requested, whilst complying with government legislation, industry guidelines and company policies at the best market value.


  • Supplier directly uploads NPD information into the cloud-based database
  • Enhances inter-departmental collaboration across the entire product innovation process
  • Comprehensive online dashboard provides full visibility over the product innovation process
  • Protects brand reputation and manages supply base NPD risk
  • Automated alerts, reminders and configurable reports provides visibility over task dates and other milestones
  • NPD approval processes are digitised and electronically mapped to ensure complex workflows are streamlined

Improve supplier management for innovation professionals in food & beverage

ARCUS® Supplier Management Software, hosted in the cloud by Trade Interchange, has been proven to work in the food and beverage sector and delivers supply base confidence for the likes of Whitbread, Costa Coffee, Fridays, Domino’s Pizza, and AAK through a streamlined solution.

ARCUS® has been developed to provide the additional depth of functionality required by heavily regulated industries such as Food and Beverage. In addition to the core functionality of ARCUS®, which works across all industries, food and beverage organisations can benefit from industry-specific plug-ins such as Manufacturing Site Information and Manufacturing Site Audit, and modules such as Product Information Management and New Product Development.

ARCUS® has been designed and evolved by working with organisations in the food and beverage industry. This has helped us to address some of the major pain points professionals working in innovation face when sourcing suppliers and products to meet existing and future needs.

The Software as a Service proprietary platform enables professionals in multiple departments to collect, evaluate and manage information from their direct suppliers. All the information is stored in the central database which enables all stakeholders and relevant professionals to access the data at any time (based on company-driven access levels) and remove silos of information.

It is vital that food and beverage companies evidence of the provenance and contents of the products they purchase. This can include the location of production or manufacture, the processes in place at each manufacturing site, potential contamination risks, complete ingredient lists, packaging and storage requirements. Ensuring that suppliers are providing accurate and up-to-date information is essential. Using artificial intelligence, ARCUS® can scan key food and beverage documentation as it is uploaded by suppliers, verifying that the right certificate has been submitted and that the dates and values are valid.

Providing a complete end-to-end supplier management solution for the food and beverage sector, the ARCUS® platform includes eight individual modules that can be implemented standalone, in any combination or in any order that can be categorised into three separate families; ARCUS® Source, ARCUS® Supply and ARCUS® Product.

More information on the modules is shown below.


Innovation and NPD professionals in food and beverage can automate supplier product information collection using a cloud-based solution.

New Product Development Software

Innovation and NPD professionals in food and beverage can streamline new product development processes with cloud-based software.


Collect, store and manage all supplier data needed by innovation professionals in the food and beverage sector through a streamlined solution.


Efficiently centralise, manage and approve all supplier contract data required by innovation & NPD professionals in the food and beverage industry.


Track and evaluate supplier performance against the KPIs that matter the most to innovation professionals in the food and beverage industry.


ARCUS® SSM allows innovation and NPD professionals in the food & beverage industry to streamline strategic sourcing management through a cloud-based solution.


Innovation professionals in food and beverage can streamline and improve the online tendering process through intuitive sourcing software.


Innovation professionals in the food and beverage industry can streamline and improve online auction processes with intuitive eAuction software.

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Fridays Carousel

"The main pain points ARCUS® has helped us with is that all of the suppliers can be in one place and every department from our company can log can and check the information that they are after."

Maria Loftus, Senior Technical Manager, Fridays

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Case Study

New Product Development Software

We are currently in the process of refining our NPD solution ahead of the full launch. We are working with some of the biggest names in the food and beverage industry including Brakes, Casual Dining Group, Domino’s and Morrisons to develop our initial NPD module.

The development version of ARCUS® NPD is currently been trialled extensively with our colleagues across multiple departments of their organisations.
Following our Agile development methodology, we continuously evolve and update our modules and plug-ins with new releases every 6 weeks.

If you would like to find out more information or be part of the working group steering this module in its initial development, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to make this a possibility.