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Companies within the publishing sector often have supply bases that span a number of countries, meaning that they can be exposed to numerous risks within their supply chain. A large number of suppliers, from individual freelancers to multinational corporations, means that administration around and ensuring compliance in the supply chain can be a time-consuming and inefficient process, resulting in paperwork, phone calls and email exchanges with suppliers that often achieve very little. Trade Interchange’s supplier management software allows procurement professionals in the publishing sector to operate without these burdens, as well as collecting all required information, allowing more time to focus on more important duties.


  • Automate supplier on-boarding
  • Manage supplier risk
  • Central repository for supplier information
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Automated supplier scoring
  • Bi-directional approval workflows

Streamline Supplier Management in Publishing

ARCUS® supplier management software, hosted in the cloud by Trade Interchange, is already helping some recognisable names in the publishing sector, delivering supply base confidence for the likes of Springer Nature and Haymarket Media Group through a streamlined solution.

Providing a complete end-to-end supplier management solution for the publishing sector, the ARCUS® platform comprises of eight individual modules that can be implemented standalone, in any combination or in any order that can be categorised into three separate families; ARCUS® Source, ARCUS® Supply and ARCUS® Product.

The ARCUS® Source family includes three modules that provide publishing procurement experts with the means to streamline their entire sourcing process. From initial tenders for pre-qualifying potential suppliers to running competitive eAuctions to achieve best market value, the ARCUS® Source modules centralise all tender and auction information, meaning all relevant stakeholders and suppliers can access and edit information at any time. ARCUS® SSM provides a central dashboard from which all sourcing projects can be run effectively and all procurement processes are standardised. You can find out more about ARCUS® eRFX, ARCUS® eAUC and ARCUS® SSM below.

The three modules in ARCUS® Supply enable cross-departmental collaboration in publishing companies across several critical supplier management activities, including on-boarding suppliers, managing contracts and evaluating supplier performance. Tailored questionnaires ensure that publishing companies are collecting the data they require, such as anti-bribery policies, and the fact that suppliers directly enter their own information removes the need to re-key any of this information, increasing data accuracy. These modules provide a central repository for essential supplier information, and allows for enhanced collaboration between the procurement, quality, technical and supply chain departments. To find out more about ARCUS® SIM, ARCUS® SCM and ARCUS® SPM you can scroll further down the page to find out more.

The ARCUS® Product family comprises of two modules that allow users to efficiently collect, maintain and manage critical product information, as well as streamlining the product innovation process for all relevant stakeholders. Custom workflows enable users to easily validate and approve vital product specifications for publishing businesses, and the fact that suppliers have directly entered this information enhances confidence in data accuracy. This information is then shared effortlessly between departments, and a central database for product specifications and new product development workflows can now be accessed at any time. Additional information about ARCUS® PIM and ARCUS® NPD can be found below.


ARCUS® SSM allows procurement professionals in the publishing industry to streamline strategic sourcing management through a cloud-based solution.


Procurement professionals in the publishing industry can streamline and improve the online tendering process through intuitive sourcing software.


Procurmement professionals in the publishing industry can streamline and improve online auction processes with intuitive eAuction software.


Collect, store and manage all supplier data needed by procurement professionals in the publishing industry through a streamlined solution.


Efficiently centralise, manage and approve all supplier contract data required by procurement professionals in the publishing industry.


Track and evaluate supplier performance against the KPIs that matter the most to procurement professionals in the publishing industry.


Publishing procurement professionals can automate supplier product information collection using a cloud-based solution.


Procurement professionals in the publishing industry can streamline new product development processes with cloud-based software.

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Springer Nature

“The questionnaire is very intuitive, and suppliers found it easy to use from day one. Suppliers and agents are filling them in themselves, which reduces administrative work on our side.”

Charlie Thelu, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Springer Nature

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Case Study

Four Seasons Healthcare Carousel

With over 100 care and nursing homes across the United Kingdom, and a strong focus on efficiency, quality service and compliance, Four Seasons Health Care is always keen to implement robust systems in all areas of the business.

The company has a large and complex supply base, with a raft of supplier data, performance metrics and contractual documents that need to be gathered, stored and continuously maintained to ensure compliance. This was a manual process which required lots of time and effort.

Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® software has provided Four Seasons Health Care with a complete solution to better manage its suppliers, sourcing and purchasing processes.

Do you face similar difficulties in your business? Download the case study to find out how ARCUS® supplier management software delivered supply base confidence through a streamlined solution for Four Seasons Health Care.

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