Posted: 28/05/21

McKesson UK: eRFX Case Study

ARCUS® eRFX was implemented by LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare (LPCH), a division of McKesson UK, in 2017, to fully digitise their tenders. After strong results, McKesson UK implemented ARCUS® eRFX across its other brands, such as Lloyds Pharmacies, AAH Pharmaceuticals and its Support Centre Functions.

McKesson UK is a pharmaceutical company who are required to run an extensive number of tenders across a wide range of GNFR categories, such as Transport, Facilities Management and IT & Professional Services.

To run all these tenders in an efficient manner, which will help save time whilst reducing risk, McKesson UK needed a centralised, digital tendering process to adopt across McKesson UK and their divisions.

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