Posted: 19/01/24

Better Health at Work Award: Bronze-Level Achievement

We’re delighted to announce that we have achieved our Better Health at Work Award at the Bronze-level, demonstrating our drive and commitment to increase employee wellbeing.

In 2023, we set a new target to further improve employee health and happiness at work. Therefore, to achieve our goal, we signed up for local employment health initiative, Better Health at Work. 

Better Health at Work Award

What is the Better Health at Work Award?

The Better Health at Work Award is a scheme that helps organisations improve employee health by working towards a criterion. In short, it is a framework to help businesses provide their employees with vital tools to improve their general health.

This involved the implementation of three separate campaigns based on an initial health needs assessment. We decided to focus on Physical Health, Mental Health, and Financial Health, with activities organised throughout the year under each of these themes.

Our Physical Health campaign was focused on the different ways we could help our employees improve their physical health. This included our Vegan bake-off, which deepened our team’s knowledge of the benefits of plant-based eating. Additionally, our Walking Challenge had four cross-functional teams compete to collectively gain the most steps. This provided incentive to move more and sit less.

Our Mental Health campaign focused on the NHS Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing, particularly the ‘being kind’ step. We hosted a Beach Clean Up for World Water Week, and a Random Acts of Kindness challenge.

Our Financial Health campaign included financial workshops specifically structured towards saving tips, and cost-of-living, to help provide our team with the tools they need to get through this challenging period. We ran a ‘Savings Challenge,’ where our employees were put into teams to complete to find the cheapest prices for a 6-person Christmas Dinner!

We’re excited to have achieved the first level of the Better Health at Work Award. We look forward to continuing our journey, and striving for continuous improvement to our workplace.