Posted: 13/03/24

How to Build a Comprehensive Supplier Data Governance Strategy: Tips from an Expert Guest Analyst

Save your place today! On the 13th of June 2024, Trade Interchange will host a webinar on Data Governance in Supplier Management, joined by Guest Expert Analyst Jeffrey Rajamani from Forrester Research.

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Data Governance Webinar

Why should you be interested?

The webinar will focus on the theme of Data Governance within the scope of Supplier Management, an incredibly important issue for businesses who want to benefit from a compliant, transparent, and risk-reduced supply chain.

With insights from Trade Interchange’s own Mike Edmunds, as well as from Guest Expert Analyst Jeffrey Rajamani from Forrester Research, the event will offer vital information you don’t want to miss out on, including:

enhancing data quality to mitigate risk

how supplier data quality can aid efficiency

the importance of maintaining transparency and visibility

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