Posted: 25/09/23

Trade Interchange hosts annual user group in London

Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® Supplier Management Software user community gathered in London on 21st September 2023 for our annual user group event, which turned out to be the largest gathering ever.

2023 Trade Interchange user group round-up

With the theme “ESG in the Supply Chain,” the event was a testament to the growing importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations in modern business practices. Attendees represented a diverse array of industries, coming together to explore the profound impact of sustainability on supplier management and sourcing operations.

1. The Sustainable Revolution and its Market Effects

The event kicked off with a captivating keynote from Andy Dewis, Founder and CEO of Pineapple Sustainable Partnerships. Andy shared insights into “The Sustainable Revolution and its effect on markets.” He highlighted how the global shift towards sustainability is transforming consumer preferences and market dynamics. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in a lively Q&A session with Andy, delving deeper into the implications of sustainability for their businesses.

2. ESG Research and Ethical Supply Chain Sourcing

Amy Cornforth, Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Trade Interchange, presented the findings of ESG research conducted earlier in the year. She also showcased highlights from a webinar Trade Interchange hosted featuring Forrester Research titled, “How can you Source a Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chain?” This session provided attendees with valuable insights into the current state of ESG in supply chains and actionable strategies for ethical sourcing.

3. Harnessing ARCUS® for a Holistic ESG Approach

After a brief tea break, Mike Edmunds, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Trade Interchange, took the stage. He demonstrated how ARCUS® Supplier Management Software empowers users to adopt a holistic approach to ESG. Mike highlighted the role of smart technologies, including AI, APIs, and Process Automation, in enhancing sustainability practices across supply chains.

4. Exciting Enhancements to ARCUS®

James Edmunds, Lead Solutions Consultant at Trade Interchange, unveiled some eagerly anticipated features coming soon to ARCUS®. Attendees were particularly excited about the redesigned home page, which promises a more intuitive user experience.

5. Interactive Q&A on ESG Challenges

The event continued with an engaging interactive Q&A session focused on the most pressing ESG challenges in supply chains. Attendees shared their experiences and gained valuable insights from their peers.

6. Streamlining Source-to-Contract Processes

Mike Edmunds returned to the stage to discuss how the new functionality in ARCUS® can streamline Source-to-Contract processes. He introduced a groundbreaking two-way data stream between our tendering and supplier on-boarding solutions, which garnered significant interest from attendees looking to optimise their procurement processes.

7. Real-World Success with ARCUS®: Ramsay Health Care UK Case Study

The event concluded with a real-world case study featuring Naomi Guyett, Head of Sourcing at Ramsay Health Care UK, and Robbie Brack, Solutions Consultant at Trade Interchange. They shared insights into how ARCUS® has helped Ramsay Health Care UK streamline Source-to-Contract processes and discussed the implementation journey with Trade Interchange, and Robbie then demonstrated how the Science Based Targets initiative and EcoVadis integrations are utilised.

Trade Interchange’s 2023 User Group was a resounding success, providing attendees with valuable knowledge, practical insights, and a platform for networking and collaboration. As businesses increasingly recognise the importance of ESG in their operations, Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® Supplier Management Software continues to be a pivotal solution for navigating the evolving landscape of supply chain sustainability. This event exemplified our commitment to empowering our user community with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in a sustainable future.

Trade Interchange user group 23 case study

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Trade Interchange user group 23 case study