Posted: 30/08/23

Trade Interchange listed in Forrester’s, ‘The Environmental Sustainability Procurement Technology Landscape, Q3 2023’

We are delighted to say that Trade Interchange have been recognised in ‘The Environmental Sustainability Procurement Technology Landscape, Q3 2023,’ placing us in the smaller enterprise section.

We appear among other notable vendors, offering a “general-purpose platform that can be used to build any domain application,” with a strong presence in industries such as retail, healthcare and entertainment and leisure.

Sustainable Procurement Technology

At Trade Interchange, we deliver supply base confidence through a streamlined solution using ARCUS® Supplier Management Software, which allows users to embed ESG drivers across the source-to-contract process, enhancing visibility across the sustainability activities of your supply base, and helping to build a supply chain that aligns with your environmental goals.

The software provides a comprehensive and holistic ESG source-to-contract solution, with supplier certifications and credentials, which have been entered into the system by the supplier or collected from official data sources via API, being used throughout the entirety of the process.

Users benefit from effective risk mitigation, powerful data visualisation, time savings, and enhanced data accuracy, empowering users with confidence that their supply base is sustainable, ethical, and compliant.

In the overview, Forrester details the “core use cases” for this market, which include:

  • Carbon and Environmental Footprint
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Legislation and Regulatory Mandates
  • Supply Chain Transparency
  • Enterprise Sustainability Management

In the overview, it is stated that; “Environmental sustainability procurement technology products have emerged as a new category to help organizations identify, monitor, and manage their suppliers to allow them to understand the environmental impact of their supply chain and take measures to improve it.”

If you’d like to know more about how ARCUS® Supplier Management Software can help organisations, across a variety of industries, understand the environmental impact of their suppliers, download the factsheet here.

You can find the full landscape overview through the link here.