eRFX: Streamline and improve the online tendering process through intuitive sourcing software

ARCUS® eRFX saves you time and resources through a more transparent, accurate and streamlined tendering process.

What is an eRFX?

eRFX is a powerful tender and quotation module that gives procurement professionals the ability to issue and manage online requests for information, proposals and quotations. eRFX allows your procurement team to invite a large volume of suppliers to answer a series of in-depth questions to gain better knowledge of their ability to provide you with the exact goods or services that are required. Our ARCUS® eRFX module captures all this invaluable data in a standardised framework for you to evaluate and compare current or future suppliers in an easy and streamlined manner.

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“eRFXs are very much part of our current eSourcing strategy and have delivered huge benefits since we introduced them, not just in terms of significant time savings, but also in data quality, visibility of information and helping us streamline our overall sourcing and tendering strategy.”Peter Bell, Category Manager at BMI Healthcare

ARCUS® eRFX Benefits

  • A more accurate, streamlined and consistent tendering process
  • Substantial time savings through deadline driven and controlled response times
  • Increased visibility through a transparent tendering process
  • Comparable and consistent supplier information
  • The ability to invite a larger volume of suppliers to tender
  • Central storage of secure yet accessible supplier data

What makes ARCUS® eRFXs different?

Market Leading Software – Our proprietary ARCUS® eRFX software is considered amongst the most user-friendly pieces of eSourcing software on the market. Designed around ‘end-user experience’, it ensures maximum time, cost and efficiency savings through unique additional features including our step by step eRFX Wizard.

Integration with other ARCUS® modules – Once you have pre-qualified your suppliers via our eRFX module you can seamlessly migrate your data into our other Supplier Management modules including ARCUS® eAUC, to continue your negotiation process.

Comprehensive Reporting Functionality – Analyse comprehensive reports including side by side eRFX analysis, which can be exported to excel or centrally stored in the cloud, making data transparent and easily accessible to current and future stakeholders.

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