Procure4: eSourcing Case Study

Procure4: eSourcing Case Study

Procurement consultants and supply chain management specialists, Procure4, have been using Trade Interchange’s eSourcing software for over a decade. Over this time they have incorporated both Trade Interchange’s eRFX and eAUC modules into their expert consultancy process, helping to deliver greater bottom line savings and make huge efficiency improvements for their clients.

The Challenge

Sceptism – Especially in the early days there were negative perceptions of eSourcing from some clients, who were concerned it was ‘cold’ and removed face-to-face contact.

The Solution

Aligned Values – A software/consultancy partnership that allows software to support personal contact rather than replace it.

User-Friendly Software – Intuitive software that requires little training, allows the positive results of eSourcing to be realised quickly.

Flexible Support – A solution that can support new consultants and step back with old hands.

The Results

• Trade Interchange’s eRFX and, selectively, eAUC modules are now part of Procure4’s standard practice.

• A standardised tendering process that allows everyone to quickly and easily adopt Procure4’s methodology.

• Consistent processes deliver significant efficiency savings and allow for easier tendering analysis and supplier comparisons.

• eAuctions help Procure4 achieve ‘True Market Price’ for goods or services.

• Procure4 is able to demonstrate objectivity and transparency to its clients.

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