Collect, store and manage all supplier information needed by procurement professionals in facilities management through a streamlined solution.

About Supplier Information Management

ARCUS® SIM allows all supplier information to be gathered and stored in a cloud-based system, with automated reminders that automatically chase suppliers for incomplete or out of date information. Key documents are scanned by artificial intelligence at the point of upload, delivering confidence in the facilities management supply chain.

ARCUS® SIM is a central supplier database that allows procurement professionals to collect all information they need to know about their suppliers, including insurance documents, environmental accreditation and agreed service levels.

What are the benefits?

  • Supplier self on-boarding
  • No re-keying of information
  • Ensure supplier compliance with government legislation and company requirements
  • Full audit trail of actions evidencing risk mitigation
  • Helps to protect brand reputation and value
  • Allows collaboration between departments while removing silos of information

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Configurable bi-directional workflows reduce supplier approval time
Automated reminders including auto-escalation
Artificial intelligence verifies suppliers’ key documents at the point of upload
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“We now have a powerful reporting tool that gives us valuable business information. ARCUS® SIM has become the gateway for Sodexo to gather all supplier information globally.”

Suzanne Coumbaros, Data Governance Director, Global Supply Management, Sodexo

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Case Study

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Costa operates in one of the most challenging areas in the food and beverage industry for supplier selection. Costa uses ARCUS® SIM to help the procurement team to fully assess the large numbers of documents per supplier required to confidently approve suppliers.

ARCUS® SIM provides a central repository and features a full audit trail of the actions, enabling Costa to evidence their suppliers’ sustainable and ethical credentials, including the provision of modern slavery, child labour prevention and anti-bribery policies. Industry-specific certifications such as SEDEX, and soy and palm oil sustainability credentials, amongst others, are also collected.

To ensure suppliers remain compliant, Costa utilises automated reminders and escalation workflows to ensure that certifications and policies all remain in date and valid.