Manufacturing Site Audit

MSA makes the recording managing and scheduling audits of a supplier’s sites a simple and efficient process.

About Manufacturing Site Audit

The Manufacturing Site Audit plug-in allows ARCUS® SIM users to perform audits either through desktop, desktop and physical, or physical audits. This enables professionals with responsibility for supplier audits to assign internal or third-party companies to verify the information uploaded by their suppliers at a manufacturing site level. This information can be used in conjunction with the Manufacturing Site Information plug-in to determine which manufacturing sites to be approved or to carry out detailed checks on approved manufacturing sites.

All information and documents collected and uploaded, including corrective action plans, sits alongside all other supplier information in a central database. This ensures complete visibility across multiple departments within an organisation.

What are the benefits?

  • Demonstrate due diligence has been undertaken
  • No re-keying of information – saving time and reducing errors
  • Automates processes and stores audit information online, including corrective action plans
  • Remote access allows information to be available at any time
  • Create and share custom audit reports
  • Automated alerts and reminders can be set against key milestones, such as audit due dates, to ensure they are not missed

ARCUS® MSA video


Enables desktop audits or full audits to be completed
Enables third-party or internal auditors to verify the information
Audit information sits alongside all supplier information
AAK (carousel)

“The audit trail of information is crucial in demonstrating we have taken the steps to mitigate risks and to ensure the highest standards of quality and ethical sourcing in our business”

Gunilla Gustafsson, Quality and Food Safety, AAK Sweden

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Case Study

AAK (carousel)

AAK uses the ARCUS® Supplier Information Management (SIM) module to manage key supplier data, including production, quality and technical information at a company and site level. This ensures complete transparency and compliance associated with supply chain risks across the geographical areas ARCUS® SIM is deployed in.

By deploying the ARCUS® SIM’s Manufacturing Site Audit plug-in, the technical departments at AAK sites across the globe can verify the information each supplier has submitted for each of their manufacturing sites. The technical teams, or their appointed representatives, can view all or a subset of the information provided to verify that the situation and working practices at a site match the information provided, and comply with the approval conditions where they exist. As the information is stored in the cloud, the auditors have access to live information.

By auditing manufacturing sites either through remote desktop audits or in more depth physical audits, AAK can verify the information suppliers have uploaded, improving the control the teams have over their supply chain and helps to mitigate the risks.