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Companies in the healthcare sector often have long and complex supply chains, meaning that managing these and ensuring compliance throughout the supply base can be a difficult and time-consuming process. By the very nature of their business, healthcare companies source ingredients, products and services from across the globe to ensure the best value and quality to customers from a large number of suppliers often operating in countries with different legislation to their own healthcare operations. This can result in a substantial amount of administration, including paperwork, telephone calls and emails to suppliers to highlight and verify supply chain risks.

Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® supplier management software enables sustainability professionals within the healthcare sector to request and collect large amounts of information to verify the evidence of sustainable practices and certifications from potential suppliers and the products they supply. Examples of information include sustainability policies, environmental policies and certificates, evidence of membership in organisations such as the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), or suppliers’ policies on sustainable cotton and recycled plastic.


  • APIs collect and update supplier ESG information automatically from official data sources.
  • Automate supplier on-boarding with no re-keying of data required.
  • Cloud-based central repository for supplier information and documentation at a supplier, manufacturing site and product level.
  • Bi-directional approval workflows increase efficiency of supplier approvals and management.
  • Protect brand reputation and manage supplier risk.
  • ARCUS® features artificial intelligence and machine-learning to verify suppliers’ key documentation and certificates at the point of upload.

Confidence in supplier management for sustainability professionals in healthcare

ARCUS® Supplier Management Software, hosted in the cloud by Trade Interchange, has been proven to work in heavily regulated industries such as healthcare and delivers supply base confidence for companies like Portman Dental Care, Hallo Healthcare Group, Barchester Healthcare, Elysium Healthcare, Four Seasons Health Care and Lloyds Pharmacy Clinical Homecare through a streamlined solution.

ARCUS® has been designed and evolved by working with organisations in the healthcare industry. This has helped us to address some of the major pain points professionals working in sustainability face when sourcing suppliers and products to meet existing and future needs. Organisations deploying ARCUS® have used the platform to assess the sustainability of their potential and existing suppliers in numerous ways by taking advantage of the ability to request in-depth information at a company, site and product level. Consumers want assurance the products they use have not adversely affected people or the environment; using ARCUS® SIM provides peace of mind for both consumers and businesses.

The Manufacturing Site Information plug-in to ARCUS® SIM can also be used to collect information about the site, allowing suppliers to upload any environmental accreditations or certifications proving they are trying to reduce their plastic use within their manufacturing site.

This information can then be verified by the Manufacturing Site Audit plug-in, which can be used by third-party or internal auditors to verify any plastic-reducing measures and regulations are truly in place.

The results of all audits will then be stored alongside all other supplier information, proving due diligence has been implemented at each step of the supply chain. ARCUS® modules save time and increase efficiency, while reducing risk, protecting the company brand and ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.

Providing a complete end-to-end supplier management solution for the healthcare sector, the ARCUS® platform includes eight individual modules that can be implemented standalone, in any combination or in any order that can be categorised into three separate families; ARCUS® Source, ARCUS® Supply and ARCUS® Product.


ARCUS® SIM is a central platform for collecting, storing and managing supplier data, that helps reduce the risk to brand and ensure supplier compliance.


ARCUS® SCM centralises contract data, standardises processes and automates tasks to improve efficiency of managing, approving and renewing contracts.


ARCUS® SPM is an advanced scorecard that allows users to track and evaluate the performance of suppliers against corporate SLAs and KPIs, helping to identify risk and non-compliance and maximise supplier value.


ARCUS® SSM maps the various stages of your current or planned strategic purchasing processes, improving efficiency, increasing visibility, reducing bottlenecks and ensuring best practice.


ARCUS® eRFX is an online tendering tool used to pre-qualify current or potential suppliers, ensuring selected suppliers are qualified and able to deliver the necessary products and services.


Using eAUC, suppliers are invited to online negotiations using the auction type best suited to the business’s needs or goals, achieving best market value without comprising on quality.


ARCUS® PIM automates the process for collecting detailed information about supplier products, while providing a shared view and process for all departments. This ensures product data is accurate and approved by all relevant stakeholders.


ARCUS® NPD centralises new product development information, standardises processes and automates tasks to improve the efficiency of new product development from concept through to sale.

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Four Seasons Healthcare Carousel

"Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® supplier management platform has allowed us to fully consolidate our supply chain and procurement function, and we now have a complete handle over all supplier data, contracts, performance and sourcing."

Harvey Marston, Head of Procurement, Four Seasons Health Care

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Case Study

Whitbread Carousel

Whitbread PLC is the UK’s largest hospitality company, owning Premier Inn as well as Beefeater, Brewers Fayre, Table Table and Bar+Block.

Whitbread identified that there were challenges around visibility, transparency and a lack of consistent information held on its suppliers.

Now, Whitbread uses ARCUS® supplier management software, enabling the procurement team to have confidence in their supply base through all stages of supplier discovery and contract negotiation.

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