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Companies across multiple industries often have long, varied, and complex supply chains, meaning that managing these and ensuring compliance throughout the supply base can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Organisations source products and services from across the globe to ensure the best value and quality to customers from numerous suppliers often operating in countries with different legislation to their own operations. This can result in a substantial amount of administration, including paperwork, telephone calls and emails to suppliers to highlight and verify supply chain risks.

Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® Supplier Management Software enables sustainability professionals to request and collect large amounts of information to verify the evidence of sustainable practices and certifications from potential suppliers and the products they supply. Examples of information include sustainability policies, environmental policies and certificates, evidence of membership of organisations such as the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Fairtrade, Carbon Trust and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), or suppliers’ policies on water reduction and recycled plastic.


  • Enables effective collaboration between multiple departments in the same organisation.
  • Automate supplier on-boarding with no re-keying of data required.
  • Bi-directional approval workflows increase efficiency of supplier approvals and management.
  • ARCUS® enables electronic signatures reducing the need to paper copies and reducing contract signature time.
  • Cloud-based central repository for supplier information and documentation at a supplier, manufacturing site and product level.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine-learning to verify suppliers’ key documentation and certificates at the point of upload.

Confidence in supplier management for sustainability professionals across all industries

ARCUS® Supplier Management Software, hosted in the cloud by Trade Interchange, has been proven to work in multiple industries and delivers supply base confidence for companies such as P&O Ferries, JD Sports and Sodexo through a streamlined solution.

Organisations can improve their sustainability through the deployment of sustainable procurement. The sustainability department has the most knowledge on sustainability aspects and is frequently responsible for target setting, while the procurement department has relevant relationships with suppliers.

Successful sustainable procurement requires strong collaboration throughout the supplier on-boarding and approval process. The information required by sustainability professionals is collected at the same time as that by their procurement colleagues, helping to significantly reduce the time spent during the supplier on-boarding process.

ARCUS® Supplier Information Management (SIM) is used to collect information directly from your suppliers, who provide answers and upload documents and certificates tailored to your requirements. Artificial intelligence can be used to verify key industry certifications and to highlight areas of concern to enable prioritisation of checking.

The module also features automated scoring, enabling both procurement and sustainability professionals to review and approve a supplier simultaneously before final approval is granted. Any concerns or notes can be recorded and viewed by all approved stakeholders across multiple departments as required.

ARCU® SIM features automated email alerts to suppliers when information is close to becoming out of date. Additionally, workflow, including auto-escalation, ensures that professionals working in the department responsible for ensuring supplier compliance are alerted and can take actions in line with their company processes.

Providing a complete end-to-end supplier management solution, the ARCUS® platform includes eight individual modules that can be implemented standalone, in any combination or in any order that can be categorised into three separate families; ARCUS® Source, ARCUS® Supply and ARCUS® Product.

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Sodexo Carousel

“We now have a powerful reporting tool that gives us valuable business information. ARCUS® SIM has become the gateway for Sodexo to gather all supplier information globally.”

Suzanne Coumbaros, Data Governance Director, Global Supply Management, Sodexo

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Case Study

Costa Coffee Carousel

Costa operates in one of the most challenging areas in the food and beverage industry for supplier selection. Costa uses ARCUS® SIM to help the procurement team to fully assess the large numbers of documents per supplier required to confidently approve suppliers.

ARCUS® SIM provides a central repository and features a full audit trail of the actions, enabling Costa to evidence their suppliers’ sustainable and ethical credentials, including the provision of modern slavery, child labour prevention and anti-bribery policies. Industry-specific certifications such as SEDEX, and soy and palm oil sustainability credentials, amongst others, are also collected.

To ensure suppliers remain compliant, Costa utilises automated reminders and escalation workflows to ensure that certifications and policies all remain in date and valid.