ARCUS® SSM allows procurement professionals in the publishing industry to streamline strategic sourcing management through a cloud-based solution.

About Strategic Sourcing Management

ARCUS® SSM is a powerful workflow tool that ensures all procurement sourcing projects follow best practice processes. The module maps the various stages of your current and planned strategic purchasing processes and creates a task-based workflow that allows for complete visibility for all relevant stakeholders, with options for various approval levels, document management and custom internal questionnaires. The progress of each project is visible via the 360° strategic sourcing dashboard, which provides a central reference point for all activity, helping procurement professionals in publishing to identify bottlenecks and potential delays in a timely manner.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased visibility over sourcing projects
  • Promote best sourcing practices
  • On-going cost savings
  • Central sourcing project location
  • Streamline sourcing project management
  • Configurable workflows to match requirements

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Comprehensive audit facility
Custom alerts and reporting
Task-based process
Whitbread Carousel

“The procurement team has the ability to request large volumes of documentation and certification from potential suppliers prior to on-boarding, enabling supplier approval to be efficiently processed in one stage rather than through multiple rounds of approval. The information we collect is what the business needs to reduce risk and increase confidence in our supply chain. The automated alerts and reminders are sent to suppliers to update their data to ensure they remain compliant with legislation and company-driven requirements."

Dan Urwin, Head of Procurement – Performance / Corp Services / Utilities / IT, Whitbread

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Case Study

Whitbread Carousel

Whitbread wanted to ensure that they are managing their sourcing projects as effectively, efficiently and as transparently as possible. By doing so, the procurement department can achieve best market value from their sourcing projects, while confirming that they are operating in a task-based, standardised manner to ensure best practices are being enforced.

To increase confidence in their sourcing management, Whitbread implemented ARCUS® SSM, an intuitive workflow-based module that maps the various stages of current and planned purchasing processes.

You can download this light case study to find out more about ARCUS® SSM and how it has helped Whitbread with strategic sourcing management.