ARCUS® eRFX is an online tendering tool used to pre-qualify current or potential suppliers, ensuring selected suppliers are qualified and able to deliver the necessary products or services.

About eRFX

ARCUS® eRFX saves you time and resources through a more transparent, accurate and streamlined tendering process. eRFX is a powerful tender and quotation module that gives sustainability professionals the ability to issue and manage online requests for information, proposals and quotations. eRFX allows your publishing procurement team to invite a large volume of suppliers to answer a series of in-depth questions to gain a better knowledge of their ability to provide you with the exact goods or services that are required. Our ARCUS® eRFX module captures all this invaluable data in a standardised framework for you to evaluate and compare current or future suppliers in an easy and streamlined manner.

What are the benefits?

  • A more accurate, streamlined and consistent tendering process
  • Substantial time savings through deadline driven and controlled response times
  • Increased visibility through a transparent tendering process
  • Comparable and consistent supplier information
  • The ability to invite a larger volume of suppliers to tender
  • Central storage of secure yet accessible supplier data

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"We have been using the ARCUS® eRFX module for a number of years, and alongside the impeccable service we receive from Trade Interchange’s eSourcing Consultants, it is now an integral part of Morrisons’ eSourcing strategy."

Rachael Dennis, Procurement Manager, Morrisons

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Case Study

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Morrisons, one of the largest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom, used to run their tenders using a combination of multiple spreadsheets and paper-based systems.

To increase confidence in their tendering process, Morrisons implemented ARCUS® eRFX, a powerful cloud-based tender and quotation solution that gives procurement professionals the ability to easily issue and manage online requests for information, proposals and quotations.

Using the workflow-driven process and close co-ordination with Trade Interchange’s eSourcing Consultants, Morrisons’ procurement department now have full visibility over eRFXs that have been built to meet their specific requirements.