Written by: Trade Interchange

Posted on: 20/07/20

Streamlining sourcing in the healthcare sector

As we have all come to appreciate, particularly over the last few months, that the importance of the work performed by those in the healthcare sector cannot be understated.

Whether it has been the frontline workers providing direct care to patients in hospitals and in care homes, or clinical directors who have been providing guidance to the population at large, a renewed admiration for healthcare professionals has arisen.

A critical part of the healthcare operation is performed by those in the procurement department, who are tasked with leading negotiations with potential suppliers and supplier selection, for both clinical and non-clinical products and services. In short, they need to ensure that those directly responsible for administering care are suitably equipped to perform their duties to the best of their ability, all while keeping spend within their procurement budget.

ARCUS® Source, comprised of three specialist sourcing modules, is an end-to-end strategic sourcing solution that allows procurement professionals within the healthcare sector to streamline their purchasing processes.

From tendering, running competitive eAuctions to managing sourcing projects, ARCUS® Source modules ensure that sourcing projects are run efficiently from a central location, cost savings are maximised, and procurement processes are standardised. The three modules in ARCUS® Source are:

    • ARCUS® SSM is an intuitive workflow-based module that digitises and maps the various stages of current and planned strategic purchasing processes, allowing procurement professionals to streamline strategic sourcing management through cloud-based software.
    • ARCUS® eRFX helps healthcare companies to pre-qualify suppliers by gathering all required information in a standardised framework, meaning those in the procurement department can easily evaluate and compare potential future suppliers.
    • ARCUS® eAUC allows procurement professionals to negotiate the best market price for suppliers’ products and services. Using the type of eAuction best suited to business goals, procurement professionals can also ensure quality standards are maintained.

All of these modules store all vital sourcing information in the cloud, meaning that they can be accessed by all key stakeholders at any time, and from any location. Additionally, Trade Interchange’s experienced eSourcing Consultants are always on hand to guide and assist in achieving excellent outcomes from procurement events.

ARCUS® Source forms part of ARCUS® supplier management software, which also enables procurement, and other relevant professionals, to streamline their supplier and product management through a cloud-based solution. All ARCUS® modules can be implemented standalone, in any combination, and in any order to deliver a configurable, cloud-based solution.

ARCUS® supplier management software has already been implemented in numerous healthcare companies in the UK.

If you would like to find out more about ARCUS® Source, or more about ARCUS® supplier management software in general, please do not hesitate to contact Trade Interchange today.

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