PizzaExpress Testimonial

Trade Interchange takes a slice of the action and launches supplier management software at PizzaExpress


Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® SIM allows us to effectively manage risks and compliance in our supply chain across a range of brand and legislative requirements, including Modern Slavery and Anti Bribery.

We had identified as a business that we needed a more standardised way of managing supplier information and were impressed by the simple yet comprehensive solution, ARCUS® SIM. We could see instantly how the flexible solution could benefit the organisation by improving efficiency and enforcing compliance.

A further incentive was the ease at which we could use the system to adhere to the Modern Slavery Act, which has recently come into effect. We are able to add a few questions into our ARCUS® SIM questionnaire and we are now confident that we can meet all the requirements in relation to the act’s ‘Transparency in the Supply Chain Provisions’ clause.

Spencer Playle
Head of Supply Chain

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