Written by: Amy Cornforth

Posted on: 21/01/21

The Advantages of Digital Transformation

Since the restrictions regarding COVID.19 have been introduced, we have had to entirely change our way of working, but with vaccinations in progress, and a welcome light at the end of the tunnel, it is time to start thinking about what a post-restriction workplace might look like.

Although the overall impact of COVID.19 has been detrimental, something a little more positive to come out of the pandemic is that it has shone a light on the possibilities of digitisation. We have experienced first-hand that workers can function on an entirely remote basis, which throws the idea of a traditional workplace into question.

Remote working was an abrupt and unexpected new normal we had to quickly adapt to, but the fact of the matter is that remote working has several strong advantages. Although it is less of a social experience, it contributes to a healthier work/life balance by taking the commute out of the equation, in a world where overtime is a common occurrence. It is a flexible way of working, which can be more convenient for the employee, and could save the company the money normally spent on company headquarters, if it were to be made the primary way of working.

There is a strong possibility that remote working will continue throughout 2021 at least to some extent, so now is the time for companies to proactively digitise their methods, because with newer methods of working, new practices and workflows need to be implemented into the workplace, otherwise companies may be in danger of losing time to inefficient processes. Pushing digitisation even further can combat this and increase productivity in your virtual workplace.

Rather than operating through physical systems, such as spreadsheets or company boards, companies must function using a digital system, which can be easily accessed by employees. Therefore, it needs to be both centralised and cloud-based. Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® supplier management software offers full digitisation of your supplier management processes, alongside the automation of tasks, such as chasing suppliers for information.

Research has shown that procurement professionals spend 13 hours per week on average following up on suppliers, which is a task that can be fully automated, so no time is spent on it at all. Already, that is a lot of time saved without factoring in other features of ARCUS® supplier management software.

In short, the software can help companies increase efficiency in their workplace, even when operating in a remote environment. ARCUS® supplier management software is entirely geared towards the digitisation and automation of your supplier management. This will allow your company to streamline your supply base management with confidence and save time.

If you are interested in learning more about our ARCUS® supplier management software modules, contact us at Trade Interchange today.

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