Written by: Amy Cornforth

Posted on: 15/07/22

Trade Interchange Sustainability Webinar: Event Round-up

On 7th July at 4pm BST, Trade Interchange hosted a webinar, featuring Forrester Research, which covered the following question:

“How can you build a supply base for the future that aligns with your sustainability goals?”

The event was hosted by Mike Edmunds, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Trade Interchange, and featured guest speaker, Renee Murphy, a Principal Analyst at Forrester covering governance, risk, and compliance!

The webinar began with an introduction from Mike and Renee, looking at where organisations are today in terms of sustainability maturity, the types of commitments they have made, and how they can move forward to achieve their sustainability targets.

This was followed by a detailed discussion of each of the below points from Mike and Renee:

  • How can you ensure compliance in your supply base?
  • Why should your supply base align with your environmental goals?
  • Why should data collected from your suppliers inform your strategy?
  • What steps need to be taken to achieve operational excellence?
  • How can you become safe for future generations?

The webinar ended with a brief presentation from Mike, which was followed by a Q+A, clarifying further points for the professionals in our webinar audience.

Why is it important to build a sustainable supply base?

Are you wondering what steps you need to take to become a sustainable organisation? Do you have any idea where you should start?

We believe organisations need to increase visibility across their supply base to ensure that the activities of their suppliers are in-line with their own sustainable values. We also think they need to make sure their suppliers have sustainability targets moving forward, to determine how to approach their own strategy for reducing Scope 3 emissions and achieving any carbon targets before the Paris Agreement deadline.

However, it can be tricky to get started on the journey to becoming a sustainable organisation.

Collect sustainability information from your suppliers with ARCUS® Supplier Management Software

ARCUS® Supplier Information Management (SIM) allows you to efficiently on-board environmental information from your suppliers, significantly increasing your level of transparency.

Our configurable questionnaire templates are used to ensure you are collecting all the environmental information that you need from your suppliers. The information is automatically authenticated when supplier supporting documentation is scanned and verified at the point of upload through Artificial Intelligence, eliminating the need to complete time-consuming, manual checks.

Additionally, you will have full confidence that due diligence has been undertaken in your processes, which drastically minimises any risk factors. By integrating with various other systems – using APIs to collect sustainability information, data is centralised within ARCUS® directly from the original source and regularly updated, which removes data silos and provides you with the ability to view information within a real-time dashboard.

This offers a comprehensive visual oversight of environmental activities across your supply base, making it easy to identify any risk areas, so swift action can be taken, and problems are avoided before they occur.

You can see an on-demand recording of our webinar, featuring Forrester here.

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