Posted: 08/01/20

Time to Act: The Transparent Supply Chain

Trade Interchange Report: Supply Chain Transparency.

How a traceable and robust supply chain can protect your company’s reputation.

Time to Act - The transparent supply chain

Did You Know?

  • 71% of respondents view brand reputation as ‘very’ or ‘quite’ important?
  • 41% of respondents believe food scares relating to allergens, antibiotics or bacteria are the largest threats to brand reputation?
  • 41% of respondents agreed that ‘up-to-date, reliable and compliant’ data is the most important thing to fall back on should a reputational supply chain crisis hit?

Trade Interchange conducted independent research which surveyed 200 managers and executives working across procurement, supply chain, technical, quality, legal and finance departments in the food and drink industry.

They were questioned about how UK businesses respond to the challenges of managing their supply chains, and if there is an awareness surrounding how a business’s brand can be negatively affected by problems in the food and drink supply chain.

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