Posted: 25/09/19

Time to Prioritise: The Efficient Supply Chain

Trade Interchange Report: Efficiency.

How you can improve efficiency despite the increasing complexity of global supply chains.

Time to prioritise - the efficient supply chain

Did You Know?

  • That nearly half (48%) of supply chain employees’ time is taken up assessing supplier and contractual risk?
  • 21% of respondents to the Trade Interchange survey spend between two and three days a week chasing suppliers for information?
  • 77% of respondents said that they would have more time to concentrate on more interesting work if supplier data inputting could be automated?

Trade Interchange surveyed managers, heads of departments, and above, working in the UK food and drink manufacturing industry about the most time-consuming tasks for employees in procurement, technical, quality, supply chain, legal and finance departments around supply chain management.

The report examines which areas of companies in the food and beverage sector loses the most time to inefficient processes, and how automation in the supply chain could free-up more time to focus on more valuable and interesting duties.

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