Written by: Amy Cornforth

Posted on: 21/04/23

Earth Day 2023: Are You Managing Supplier Sustainability Information?

Each year on April 22nd, the world celebrates Earth Day!

This has been happening since 1970! A day dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our planet through global events. As their website says, ‘Together we can invest in our planet!’

Outside of Earth Day, it’s also clear that the world is mobilising its efforts to prevent global temperatures from rising. Pressure from consumers with more environmentally conscious attitudes, as well as additional external pressures, like ‘The Paris Agreement’ is leading to organisations examining their supply chains! This involves setting targets, and mobilising their efforts to see where they can reduce across all three scopes of emissions.

Many companies globally are showing their commitment to halting climate change by signing up for the Science Based Targets initiative! This involves setting reduction targets in-line with the goals set out in The Paris Agreement.

Now ARCUS® integrates with the Science Based Targets initiative, allowing organisations to see whether their supplier has made a commitment, and if so, pulling the data straight from the official source, directly into ARCUS®.

THIS EARTH DAY, LEARN HOW TO Gain oversight of supplier carbon emissions with ARCUS® Supplier Information Management (SIM) and ARCUS® Analytics.

ARCUS® Supplier Information Management (SIM) allows you to efficiently on-board Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) information from your suppliers. This includes information surrounding carbon activity and targets, which significantly increases your level of transparency. Through configurable questionnaires, you can collect the supplier data that matters the most to you!

Supplier certifications are automatically authenticated when supplier supporting documentation is scanned and verified at the point of upload through Artificial Intelligence. This eliminates the need to complete time-consuming, manual checks. Additionally, you will have full confidence that due diligence has been undertaken in your processes.

ARCUS® Analytics offers a comprehensive visual oversight of carbon activities across your supply base! Using the information gathered from your suppliers through questionnaires, certifications, and API integrations, you can assess how your supply base aligns with your carbon targets moving forward, and whether action needs to be taken!

To learn more about ARCUS® and Sustainability, have a look at our video here.





ARCUS® and Sustainability

Want to know more about ARCUS® and Sustainability? Watch the video here!

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