Posted: 14/07/20

Trade Interchange’s new solution streamlines strategic sourcing management

Trade Interchange is pleased to announce the launch of ARCUS® Strategic Sourcing Management (SSM), an intuitive, workflow-based module that provides complete visibility over all current and planned procurement projects.

Cloud-based strategic sourcing management...

The new solution, which sits alongside the eRFX and eAUC modules in ARCUS® Source, digitises the entire strategic sourcing management process. Bi-directional and auto-escalation workflows can be mapped to match specific business purchasing and approval processes, with configurable alerts reminding stakeholders of key milestones, events, and critical task dates.

All sourcing project activity is centrally stored in the cloud, meaning that all key stakeholders can access the live data at any time and from any location, such as working remotely or working from home.

Through the user-friendly ARCUS® SSM dashboard and reporting tools, users can enjoy complete visibility over the progress of each sourcing project, allowing procurement professionals to quickly identify and resolve any potential bottlenecks and delays.

ARCUS® SSM has already been implemented successfully at Whitbread, the UK’s largest hospitality company.

Since the implementation, Whitbread’s procurement team has been operating in a task-based, standardised manner to ensure best procurement practices are being enforced. This has helped the team to achieve best market value from their sourcing projects, while reducing the time spent on managing each individual tender.

Dan Urwin, Head of Procurement and Supply Chain Performance at Whitbread, says:

“Using ARCUS® SSM, our procurement team now has a complete overview of all current and potential sourcing projects. This allows us to easily view the current status of each of these projects, while helping us to ensure best procurement practice is practised by everyone at Whitbread.”

Mike Edmunds, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Trade Interchange, says:

“We are delighted to introduce ARCUS® SSM to the market, and we are confident that the solution will enable key stakeholders, across all industries, to have total confidence in the management of their sourcing projects.”

“Thanks to the streamlined solution, procurement professionals can now conduct their strategic sourcing in an efficient, productive and transparent manner, allowing for more sourcing projects to be delivered and resulting in lasting cost savings.”

If you would like to find out more about Trade Interchange’s new strategic sourcing management solution, you can download the factsheet by completing the short form below.

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