Managed eAuctions

Managed eAuction Service

We have been providing our renowned fully-managed eAuction service since 2000. We focus on embedding eAuctions into your organisation, increasing your overall eSourcing activity and delivering increased savings with minimal effort through our expert support and proactive event management.

The Trade Interchange approach is to engage buyers and other stakeholders in the whole eAuction process, from start to finish. The result is a managed eAuction solution that drives long-term eSourcing success through embedding eAuctions into the business culture, which in turn encourages eAuction activity, dramatically increasing procurement savings in the long term.

The approach delivers:

eAuction Event Management from our eSourcing experts

Our account managers have a vast amount of eSourcing and procurement experience. We offer consultancy level support and advice that ensures you harness the greatest potential competition, market insight and bottom line savings from your eAuction events.

A service solution that is mapped to meet your eSourcing objectives

Whether you are looking to increase eAuction activity in your organisation, engage buyers to embrace the benefits of eAuctions or use a managed service as a catalyst to stand alone eSourcing software, we can match and tailor our service to help you achieve your exact business goals.

A proactive approach to increasing eAuction activity

We focus on helping you do more eAuctions and achieving greater savings from eAuctions through proactive event management, category selection, strategy planning and in-depth event reviews.

eAuctions ingrained into your organisation

We work with your buying team to offer advice, training, workshops and support to engage buyers and develop your long-term eSourcing strategy. This enables you to increase eSourcing activity and ingrain eAuctions into your day-to-day procurement processes.

Simple and fair pricing

Our solution is designed to help encourage eSourcing activity and deliver increased savings with less effort and this is reflected in our pricing. We offer a range of simple and competitive pricing packages designed around the level of eAuction activity that is right for your business.

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