Cloud-based Supplier Contract Management System: ARCUS® SCM

ARCUS® SCM automates supplier contract and agreement lifecycles, streamlines processes, enforces best practice and reduces off-contract spend.

What is Supplier Contract Management?

SCM is a collaborative workflow tool for managing the entire lifecycle of contracts from creation through to maintenance and onto renewals. As well as offering a central storage for contractual agreements, it ensures you have full control over the contract lifecycle with automated alerts against key events, the ability to track contract renewals, the monitoring of approvals and the capacity to manage the contract creation process.

The user-friendly dashboard provides you with instant visibility of the contract management process, ensuring all information is available in the cloud and easily accessible to current and future stakeholders.

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ARCUS® Supplier Contract Management Benefits:

  • More streamlined, consistent and transparent contract management process
  • Genuine visibility of all supplier agreements via the Supplier Contract Management Dashboard
  • More proactive approach to monitoring contractual agreements by tracking the status of all contracts in a single dashboard
  • Robust review and approval processes and programmable alerts to notify of key terms, milestones, tasks, renewal dates and events
  • Reminders sent via email when tasks are due
  • Track changes to original documentation for audit trail purposes
  • Real-time access to up to date contract information
  • Single source of contract information to be shared across the organisation
  • Minimises supplier risk and reduces off-contract spend

How ARCUS® Supplier Contract Management Works:

Based on our workflow management platform, we map the various stages of our customers’ current or planned contract management processes, creating a task-based managed process flow, with options for various levels of approvals, document management and data collection.

ARCUS® SCM provides centralised contract management and storage, workflow and scheduling, with the ability to customise data collection and track the entire contract lifecycle.

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ARCUS® Platform

Trade Interchange's ARCUS® Supplier Management Platform features a comprehensive suite of easily-configurable modules

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