Written by: Trade Interchange

Posted on: 15/10/21

Save Time and Ease Your Processes with ARCUS® Supplier Information Management (SIM)

With summer well and truly over, hopefully, those who work in supplier management will have returned from their holidays refreshed and raring to go. However, nothing can take away that post-holiday energy like stressful and inefficient processes which slow you down and replace your relaxation with intense frustration.

Supplier information management can be an incredibly difficult task without effective methods and procedures in place. It involves requesting and manoeuvring vast amounts of information, which can be sent over in a variety of different formats, making the process of organising information more time-consuming. Then, there’s the level of risk involved, such as problems caused by re-keying errors. It’s enough to stress out someone with nerves of steel!

If you wish that your supplier information management processes were simpler, then look no further. Trade Interchange is here to help with its proprietary ARCUS® Supplier Information Management (SIM) software.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had more time to spend on more complex, thoughtful projects? Projects that interest you more than monotonous, repetitive administrative tasks. With ARCUS® SIM, this can be more than simple fantasy.

ARCUS® SIM streamlines and digitises your supplier information management, reducing the costs, risks, and complexities associated with this task. ARCUS® SIM allows you to on-board supplier information via questionnaires that are configurable to your needs. Suppliers can only send information back once they have completed the full questionnaire, meaning that employees don’t have to sent copious amounts of time chasing suppliers for missing information.

Without an effective and robust system in place to manage supplier information, the company can be vulnerable to several incidents which could affect the brand’s reputation. For example, re-keying errors could result in significant problems. Additionally, there’s a strong need to be able to verify documentation to ensure that the company suppliers are ensuring the same level of due diligence that the company is, and that they definitely meet all the necessary requirements.

ARCUS® SIM now has Artificial Intelligence as standard functionality within the module. Through this functionality, users can identify non-compliant suppliers with ease, reducing risk in the supply chain. Key supplier documents, such as insurance policies and modern slavery statements, are scanned at the point of upload to verify that the correct document has been submitted with 99.5% accuracy.

In short, ARCUS® SIM can significantly reduce the risks and complexities associated with supplier management, after a swift 12-week implementation period, saving the company a great deal of time, which can be better spent elsewhere. To learn more about ARCUS® SIM, have a look at the case study here.


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