Posted: 25/07/23

ESG Research Report: Food and Beverage Organisations

This ESG Research Report for 2023 looks at the priorities for procurement professionals in food and beverage organisations, particularly how they are approaching supplier management.

You can download the ESG Research Report through the form below.

ESG in Food and Beverage Organisations

Presently, food and beverage organisations have a significant impact on global health and sustainability.

They must examine their approaches to ESG concerns across their supply chain, not just ensuring their own compliance is in order, but that the required due diligence has been performed for them to have confidence in their suppliers.

Therefore, to gain a deeper understanding of the ESG issues faced across sectors, how organisations are approaching them, the targets they are setting, and the processes they currently have in place, Trade Interchange sourced a market research agency to target procurement professionals across a variety of sectors in organisations with a turnover of more than £30 million.

This report delves into the results submitted by our respondents in foodservice and hospitality and food manufacturing organisations.

Through our 205 responses, we explored:

  • The Key ESG Issues Across Foodservice and Hospitality, and Food Manufacturing
  • What Accreditations do Company’s hold and Collect from Suppliers?
  • Are Organisations Setting Targets for their Suppliers?
  • And More


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You can download the ESG Research Report through the form above.