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Posted on: 06/05/21

World Fair Trade Day 2021

World Fair Trade Day is an annual event that is observed on the second Saturday of May. The event is endorsed by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), which is comprised of 355 member organisations from 75 countries and is the global authority on fair trade.

The WFTO created World Fair Trade Day in 2004, and the day continues to be an inclusive worldwide festival of events that celebrate Fair Trade as a tangible contribution to the fight for improved worker’s rights and against unsustainable sourcing practices.

Many organisations in the food and beverage sector, including the likes of Costa Coffee, are committed to carrying out sound social, ethical, and environmental practices within their supply base management and procurement practices.

As detailed on Costa Coffee’s website, the company divides these commitments into goals for two groups – the people involved and the product itself. This includes making sure that the rights of the people involved in supplying products and services are respected and upheld, and that all products are sourced sustainably and without negatively impacting the environment.

ARCUS® Supplier Information Management (SIM) is a cloud-based solution that enables users to store vital information about their suppliers in a secure, centralised database that can be accessed by key stakeholders from any location and at any time.

The system requires suppliers to on-board themselves through the completion of tailored and comprehensive questionnaires, and these are completely configurable to meet the user’s needs. For example, through their use of ARCUS® SIM, Costa Coffee requires their suppliers to provide evidence of their sustainable and ethical credentials, including the provision of modern slavery, child labour prevention, and palm oil sustainability credentials, amongst others.

Using ARCUS® SIM, automated reminders are configured to the user’s specific requirements, and these are sent directly to suppliers to ensure that all information is kept up to date. This includes auto-escalation workflows, keeping all key stakeholders in the loop as and when they need to be notified.

Speaking of the positive impact that ARCUS® SIM has had at Costa Coffee, Paul Clutton – Supply Chain and Procurement Director, says:

ARCUS® SIM has proven to be a key tool in helping our procurement team collect, manage, and verify, with confidence, the large volumes of supplier information needed to ensure our suppliers meet our sustainability and ethical purchasing practices.

If you think your business would benefit from digitising your supplier management processes, you can get in touch with Trade Interchange today, and you can also download our Costa Coffee case study to find out more.

Costa Coffee SIM Case Study

Costa Coffee is a British coffeehouse chain that has over 3,800 coffee shops in 32 countries. It has been voted as the UK's favourite coffee shop for ten consecutive years.

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